About Truck Stop Electrification

Electrified parking spaces (EPS), also known as truck stop electrification (TSE), provide truck drivers the necessary services, such as heating, air conditioning, or appliances, without requiring them to idle their engine.

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) estimates there are about 5,000 truck stops in the United States. Options for truck stop electrification include single-system electrification and dual-system electrification, also known as "shorepower."


Cash's Truck STop | Port Allen, LA

Emission Reductions to Date: 
CO: 1.10231 Tons
CO2: 197.97511 Tons
NOx: 2.53532 Tons
PM: 0.110231 Tons
VOC: 0.110231 Tons

Funding through LADEQ's Clean Diesel grant provided 36 long-haul truck parking spots where drivers can hook up to air conditioning, television, internet, and electricity without having to idle their vehicles.

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