This website has been developed to serve as a resource for those seeking information about the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality’s (LDEQ) Emission Reduction Credits (ERC) banking program for the Baton Rouge area.  It is a joint effort of the Capital Region Planning Commission (CRPC), the Baton Rouge Clean Air Coalition (BRCAC), and the Baton Rouge Area Chamber (BRAC) to facilitate air quality and transportation improvements as well as expand economic development in the Baton Rouge area. 

The website has been designed especially for those interested in participating in the ERC program through generation of credits through eligible emission reduction projects, banking/trading of credits, and employing credits for offsets needed for air quality permits for new projects and modifications of existing projects. 

An overview of the LDEQ Baton Rouge area ERC program is described on the ERC Program page through addressing:  regulatory background, project eligibility, credit certification, banking/trading of credits, use of credits for offsets in permitting, and some project examples.



ERC Program 


The ERC program's mission is to maintain Baton Rouge's ozone attainment status to ensure and improve the area's industry and economic development. 


Projects are available for funding to develop emission reduction credits. See completed projects for emission reduction successes and for further information. 

Banked ERC's 

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality maintains an ERC bank.  These credits are listed on our site, and are available for purchase or trade.